Each deck must be constructed of only Common and Uncommon cards. This means no GX or EX Pokemon! There are a few exceptions so let’s look over the official break down of the format:

  • The format is Unlimited (All sets legal on PTCGO: HeartGold/SoulSilver -Present).
  • Only Commons and Uncommons are legal for play.
  • Any card is legal as long as it has had a Common or Uncommon printing (See: Raichu Circle Circuit).
  • The same is true for Secret Rares and Promos. They are allowed if they have a Common or Uncommon printing.
  • Lysandre’s Trump Card is Banned.
  • Karen is Legal (Despite being a promo only).

Banned List

Lysandre’s Trump Card- I think this would make games too long. The format is underpowered and slower by nature. Allowing Trump Card makes games even slower. Archetypes that would use Trump card are already strong because of the slowness of the format, and this could devolve the format into a grind fest and push out aggressive decks.

Legal List

Karen- This supporter card would typically fall into the legal rarity of Uncommon. It’s an important tool against what is sure to be a powerful deck, Night March. For these reasons, Karen is legal for play in Pauper.

Over time, we will reconsider the banned/legal lists and Ban/Unban as needed.