What is Pauper Pokemon?

Pauper Pokemon is an Unlimited Pokemon TCG format which only uses common and uncommon cards. You can read the official rules here.

Why Play Pauper

There are a lot of answers to this question!  It can serve as a refreshing break from the endless sea of Zoroarks and Buzzwoles. It also gives deck builders a chance to tinker with Pokemon that would not be competitive in other formats.

Pauper is a nice blend of the old and the new. One of the coolest thing about the format is that you can run old legacy cards, with cards from the latest set. This adds even more excitement to new set releases while you dig through the common and uncommon for treasure.

Lastly, Pauper is a great format for new players or players on a budget because Commons and Uncommons are much easier to acquire than rares and ultra rares!

Where Can I Play Pauper

A great place to start is by asking for games in our Discord channel. Also, you can visit some of the Pauper-friendly streamers, when they are doing view battles.  Unfortunately, you cannot play on the ladder unless you tweak your decklist to be ”Expanded” legal and even then you’re still battling against other people’s fully powered decks! It’s our hope that as the format grows, little Pauper communities will sprout up everywhere.

Welcome to the format. Take a look around, get plugged in!